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About us

„Boja” d.o.o. Sombor was founded in 1953. At the beginning of its work, the company dealt with painter-paintwork jobs and quickly became recognizable by the exceptional quality and professionalism of its employees. From Slovenia to Macedonia, in the then SFRY, our workers worked diligently and proved that there are no challenges that they are not ready to accept and win.

Already in 1954, as the first company in the SFRY, we started with the production of vehicle registration plates. Initially, as a manual production, it quickly became an important segment of the company’s business and, later, it turned out to be a fader of the development of the company.

In the late 1950s, we began to produce traffic signs. Very quickly our signs were found on the streets of all the big cities in the then SFRY. The first machines for the production of traffic signs, which have raised the quality to a significantly higher level, are starting to arrive.

At the beginning of the 1960s, we bought the first road marking machine. As pioneers in this business, the need for procurement of more machines that marked the roads on the Croatian coast, in Slavonia, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and of course Serbia,

In the seventies of the last century, as the first country in Europe and the first company, we started with the use of reflective foils on registration plates. Then the foil was found on the traffic signs.

“Boja” d.o.o. was privatized in 2003. With the new management new ideas have arrived, but always the same goal – to be the leader in the business that the company deals with. Accordingly, in 2007, we will start with the purchase of new equipment for the production of both registration plates and traffic signs, as well as with the modernization of road marking machines. The first machine for automatic character production in Serbia, the first machine for applying thick-layer markings on August, the first company in the Balkans that received the CE certificate of traffic signs and the possibility of exporting to the EU … Many desires and efforts to be always the first in the delivered quality and provided services to our valued customers and business partners.

The activities of our company are the production of license plates, the production of traffic signs, the marking of cargos markings as well as the production and sale of road equipment and site security.

Today we can be proud of the fact that we were contractors of all major projects in Serbia, starting from the bridge at Ada in Belgrade, Pupin Bridge, Corridor 10 and 11, but also in the surroundings: the Gradiška-Banja Luka highway in Bosnia, motorways in Slovenia, state roads in Montenegro, etc. Our license plates were found on vehicles in the EU, in African countries and in South America.
Monitoring of the latest trends in the quality and business policy, insisting on quality standards and full implementation of the contract have provided the confidence of our business partners both in the country and abroad.