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License plates

License plates

Company „Boja“ Is in license plates production for 55 years .At the beginning license plates were complete- ly hand-made. Generations of workers improved and adjusted to new standards. We were one of the first companies in the world that changed paint with ret- ro-reflective sheeting in license plates production. That production process was introduced back in seventies . In 2007. we bought modern production line that can produce over 40 000 license plates per day. We can of- fer you modern types of protection:

  • laser engraved numbers,
  • high security holograms,
  • sheeting with safety marks,
  • special inks,
  • RFID solutions, etc.
  • Reflective sheeting is special type of product that has high quality, long duration and strength .

It was de- signed and developed specially for license plates pro- duction with embossed marks . It can be printed with paint or hot stamping .

If necessary sheeting can contain elements of printing , water marks, patented protection elements in accordance with costumers demands.