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Road marking

Road marking

Boja” Sombor has a long experience in application of horizontal marks on the roads. Continuous purchase of modern equipment, usage of high quality materials, permanent education of employees, fast and quali- ty work: these are the most important facts about our production. No matter if it is cold plastic or cold paint, we are ready to meet all Your demands.

Systems for marking are made of materials for marking and suitable mixtures. When it comes to paint and plastic materials we usually have glass beads and abrasive materials, and when it comes to foil we use primers (materials for previous lay on). Choice of marking system depends of traffic density, road surface, weather conditions… We can have different sorts of marking:

  • not necessary markings for traffic, rarely used markings
  • highly used markings,
  • permanently used markings
  • and highly mechanically burdened markings.

There are two types of road marking: TIP I and TIP II.

  • Markings of the roads with TYPE I are common markings and have no improved visibility at night when it’s rainy
  • Markings of TYPE II are with improved visibility at night when it’s rainy or wet. They are usually used when higher visibil- ity is necessary when its dark and rainy and therefore improve traffic safety. Mostly they are used for mark- ing of: continuous double line , crossroads, dangerous curves, lines with caution, edging of the closed areas. They are specially recommended in areas with lots of accidents . Usage of marking TYPE II with profile surface is recommended because it has extra acoustic effect , which inform driver about danger of sliding of the road. This type of marking is recommended because of ex- traordinary presents of noise and vibrations.